Twin Bing Classic Road Race

The 6th annual Twin Bing Classic Road Race will be April 13th. Click on the "Twin Bing Classic" link on the right for the flyer.

Early Results 2014

Written by: Admin

Powerade has tallied some early season results thus far. Ben Cork has been road racing since mid-January. He raced twice in Texas wearing our kit and has raced 6 more times for his Baylor University cycling team. Ben has 3 wins for the Bears already. Great job, Ben!

2013: The Year in Review

Written by: Admin

Mr. Admin is sorry for the lateness in posting last year's review but it's been a cold winter and he's been hibernating. Or something. And oh yeah, the site had been broken for a few months. He eventually figured out how to unbreak it but the appearance is kind of plain for the time being. Anyway...