Late May- June Results

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Catching up on recent team results:

5/26- Jay Chesterman and Bill Feiges raced mtbs at St. Joseph, MO at the Roubaix Roundup. Jay was 2nd in the Cat 1, 40-49 group while Bill was 1st in the Cat 2, 50+ race.

6/1- Kevin Vanderlinden finished 1st in the Cat 3, 50+ race at the Maskentine Mtb race near Norfolk, Nebraska.

6/1- Jay Chesterman and Bill Feiges went to the Mt. Borah Epic mtb race in Wisconsin. Jay was 13th and Bill was 58th out of the 199 starters in the 30-mile race.

6/8- Kevin Vanderlinden finished 4th in the Masters 40+ criterium at Ashland, Nebraska.

6/9- Monte Brent finished 26th in the Cat 4 race at the Nebraska State RR at South Bend, Nebraska after sacrificing a wheel to Eric Tudor (unattached) who had flatted (Monte traveled with Eric to the race). After a problematic wheel exchange, Eric finally rejoined the field after a very long, hard chase. Monte's cooperation helped Eric to maintain his leadership of the Cat 4 overall standings in the Midwest Flyover Series.

6/15- Jeff Kluck, Ulises Salas and Matt Casey finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Summer Cross cyclocross 'A' race in LeMars, Iowa. This, despite the muddy track that caused 2 broken derailleur hangers among them.

6/15- Jay, Kevin, plus Ken Peterson, Finn Peterson and Duncan Feiges competed at the Ponca's Revenge mtb race. Jay was 2nd in the Cat 1 Open. Ken was 7th in the Cat 2, 40-49 race. Kevin was 1st in the Cat 3, 50+ event. Finn was 3rd and Duncan 4th in the Junior Open race.

6/29- Ben Cork and Bob Greigg raced in Sioux Falls at the Spoke-n-Sport Criterium Series #1. Ben was 2nd in the 'B' race and Bob was 8th in the 'A' race.

6/29- Our mountain bike crew of Jay, Bill, Kevin, Duncan and Finn raced at the Tranquility Tire Tantrum in Omaha. Jay DNF this time. Bill upgraded and finished 11th in the Cat 1 Open race. Kevin won the Cat 3, 50+ race. Finn was 2nd and Duncan 3rd in the Juniors 13-15 age group race.

-Posted 7/6/13