McCullough Wins S-n-S Crit #3

Written by: Admin

Cody McCullough won the 3rd race of the Spoke-n-Sport bike shop criterium series on July 24th.

This race was made a bit more technical after a new section with a quick up-and-over transition was added to the course.

On about lap 3, Cody made a hard charge out of the chicane. Teammate Jeff Kluck quickly linked up with him and they had a gap; Peter Oien (CPC) in hot pursuit. Jeff and Cody were going well but decided to wait so the break would have the best representation thereby putting a damper on the chase (SCV and CPC having the numbers behind). After the merger the three settled into a good rhythm and were gone.

With the break safely away and the group behind settling down, Jon Nelson made 2 or 3 digs on his own. He wouldn't stay away but he did earn a prime on one of those bids.

Last lap, Jeff Kluck surged hard with Peter having no choice but to close. This set up Cody nicely for his sprint to the win. Jeff would take 3rd.

Bob worked at the front the last half of the race to neutralize CPC's efforts and to keep Jon and Bill Feiges fresher for the 4th place sprint. He led out the last lap until blowing up after half way. Jon and Bill surged past but perhaps too soon as they would settle for 6th and 7th, respectively. Bob rolled over in 12th.

This would be Ben Cork's first time competing in the 'A' race and he found the learning curve to be straight up. Although in a group that would be lapped, Ben hung in there tough and finished 14th. -Posted 8/5/13