Sioux City Velo Thanks You

Written by: Admin

Sioux City Velo/Team Powerade thanks the brave few who came out to endure the epic conditions of our road race today. Thankfully there were no mishaps. There were many abandons, some shivering finishers and at least one rider with hypothermia (she's fine now).

Thank you to our title sponsor, Palmer Candy Company, for your continuing generous support, the Twin Bing candy bars and the t-shirts for those who placed.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped race organizer Bill Feiges to once again make our race a successful event. We couldn't do it without you.

Thank you to the Woodbury County Sheriff's Department for the use of your sub-station again. Big thanks to the deputies who stood out in the elements to hold motorists at some critical intersections.

Thank you to our USAC officials for making fast decisions on the fly as the weather worsened out on the road. We appreciate the efforts you devote to overseeing the sport we all love.

If you have photos or video you're willing to share or link to us, let us know at

Mr. Admin will post a race recap and results soon. Stay tuned.