N.O.W. & Tranquility Results

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June 7th-8th was the Nebraska Omnium Weekend, the 3rd event in the Midwest Flyover Series. On Saturday Eric Tudor finished 11th in the morning Cat. 3 time trial and 12th in the afternoon criterium. Despite his Shimano Di2 deciding not to cooperate by only sporadically allowing him to shift after the first lap of the 60-mile road race, he still managed to hang in and finish 11th, mostly confined to his 53x14. Bob Greigg joined him in the road race and finished 22nd, still a bit off form after a lingering illness. Kevin Vanderlinden finished a fine 4th out of 25 finishers in the Cat. 5 road race.

June 14th was the Tranquility Tire Tantrum mtb race in Omaha. Jay Chesterman finished 9th in the Cat. 1 cross country race. Ben Cork DNF that same race. Cy Chesterman Jr. finished 17th in the Cat. 2 race. -Posted 6/21/2014.