2014 Cyclo-Cross Season Summary

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The few Powerade racers that compete in cyclo-cross posted some pretty fine results from September to January.

Brent Linn and Jon Nelson started their season off right with some excellent results at the Dirty Wooden Shoe races September 13-14th in Knoxville, IA. Brent finished 3rd in both 55+ age group races. Jon won the 45+ race on Saturday and finished 11th in the 1,2,3 race on Sunday.

Jon raced the Oakley Night Cap Cross under the lights in Des Moines September 28-29th. He finished 20th and 19th, respectively, in the 1,2,3 fields. Also on the 27th, Kevin Vanderlinden, Brent Linn and Bob Greigg raced at the Skyview Classic CX in Norfolk, NE. Kevin finished 7th in the category 4,5 race. In the 40+ age group race, Bob finished 4th. Brent DNF due to an early crash that disabled his bike. Then he was bitten by a dog. Rough day.

At the MoO Cross in Omaha on October 5th, A.J. Manning finished 17th in the 4,5 race. Jon finished 14th in the 1,2,3 event.

Bob, Kevin and Jon competed in the Bellevue Grand Prix October 11-12th. On Saturday, Bob finished 11th in the 40+ age group. Kevin raced Sunday and was 9th out of the 4,5 field. Jon raced both days recording 7th and 10th, respectively, in the category 1,2 races.

Ben Cork has primarily raced for his Baylor University (Waco, TX) collegiate team this past CX season. However, he did race a few times sporting his Powerade team kit. In Texas at the Webberville CX on October 18th, Ben finished an impressive 8th from the 71-racer category 4 field.

Bob, Kevin and Jon raced in Sioux Falls at the Elmwood Forest Cross weekend October 25-26th. Bob was 4th out of the 40+ race on Saturday. Also Saturday, Kevin came in 9th in the 4,5 race. Jon started the 1,2,3 race on Sunday but DNF.

At the popular Spooky Cross races in Des Moines November 1st-2nd, Jon had a great weekend by winning both 45+ age group races. Brent was 7th in the 55+ race Saturday but DNF on Sunday.

November 8th was the South Dakota State Championship in Sioux Falls. Brent came in 5th in the 40+ event. Jon was also 5th in the 1,2,3 category event.

The nationally popular Jingle Cross weekend November 14-15th attracts huge fields of racers from across the country to Iowa City. Monte Brent raced on Sunday in the 35+ age group where he would place 43rd. Brent Linn raced both days in the 55+ age group. He DNF on Saturday and came in 24th on Sunday. Ben was also in action Saturday in Austin, TX. He finished 5th in the Collegiate A category event. On Sunday in Fort Worth, he finished 12th racing as a category 3 at the Colonel's Double Cross.

Jon, Brent and Kevin made the short trip to LeMars for Monte's hometown Frosty Cross weekend November 29-30th. Monte came in 2nd in the 40+ age group on Sunday. Jon finished 10th in the 1,2,3 race on Saturday. Brent and Kevin raced both days. Brent was 4th and 3rd, respectively, in the 40+ age group. Kevin was 5th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday in the category 4 event.

To cap off their season, both Brent and Jon earned podium spots at the Iowa State Championship race on December 6th in Altoona. Brent finished 3rd in the 55+ age group and Jon was 3rd in the 45+ age group. Congratulations to both of our medal winners!

Ben Cork raced for Baylor at the USA Cycling National Championships in Austin,TX on January 10th. He finished 35th among 50 starters in the B division. Here is his summary:

"My cyclo-cross nationals experience was awesome. The course, the venue, the team set-ups, and the big stage at the race are enough to get you excited about another year of racing. We rode a couple laps of the course on Friday morning to get acquainted with the course. The conditions were greasy, but the off-camber sections were still very rideable. The rain and cold temps rolled in Friday night. I woke up to ice on my truck and the course had turned into a mud fest. I finished first in our collegiate conference so I started second row behind the podium from last year. I had a decent start, but I got nudged back several places and narrowly avoided a pile up on the start/finish pavement. Once the race broke up, I just settled in and tried to hold a steady pace. The course was so slick and off-camber in spots that you had no choice but to run. I forgot my running legs at home so I lost time here. The course was very fun and challenging when dry, but it was quite a bit of slippery running in the slop. Toe spikes were beneficial to those wearing them. The course was long and I only completed 3 laps before getting pulled at 38 minutes. My favorite sections were the long limestone run up and the downhill wood ramp/decent. I didn't have a mechanical during the race. The racers who swapped bikes every lap were at an advantage as the mud packed quickly. It's hard to be disappointed with finishing at a nationals event. It may have not been the result I was looking for, but I am in the process of bouncing back from pneumonia. It got me excited about racing cross and I hope to have more opportunities to compete at large events of all disciplines."

To view Ben's Baylor results for 2014 (including 3 victories), click here. Well done, Ben! -Posted 1/25/2015