Twin Bing Classic 2015 Course Change.

Written by Admin:

Information provided by race director Bill Feiges:
"The race course goes north up the Moville blacktop to D-38 then east towards Anthon. Before we get to Anthon the race turns right on l-21 and proceeds south to the Deer Run Chase or D-54. At the junction, another right turn and back to Climbing Hill. We don't go into Anthon, Otto or Bronson." Questions? Contact Bill Feiges.

Further information:
"The county had all intentions of finishing the project prior to our race. I was informed by the county engineer on Tuesday of the possibility that the project may not be complete. I visited with the county engineer and came up with a reroute. I took the afternoon of Tuesday to preview the route and after discussion with all legal authorizes, including our insurance carrier, County Sheriff, USA Cycling officials, did I post a reroute on Wednesday afternoon." Updated 4/2/2015 6:18pm.

Garmin route link to follow shortly.