About Us

Sioux City Velo was formed in 2005 to fill more than a ten year absence of a Sioux City based cycling team. While the team is based out of Sioux City, it includes riders from across the state and Nebraska. The mission of the team is to promote the sport of competitive cycling through active participation in both on and off-road events throughout the Midwest. The team's roster includes a broad range of riders in both age and categories.

In 2006 the team hosted "Ponca's Revenge" mountain bike race for the first time. The race was part of the Nebraska Lottery's Mountain Bike Psycowpath series and was held under the marathon format which required riders to suffer through more than four hours of off-road riding.

In 2007 the team hosted "Ponca's Revenge", promoted a semi-weekly spring through summer club 20k time trial that was open to all area riders and we hosted our first USCF cycling event, also a time trial.

In 2008 we again hosted "Ponca's Revenge" and our 3-race USAC sanctioned 20k time trial series.

In 2009 we hosted the USAC sanctioned "Twin Bing Classic" road race in March, "Ponca's Revenge" in June and our 3-race USAC sanctioned 20k time trial series June-August.

In 2010 we hosted the 2nd annual "Twin Bing Classic" road race in April and our time trial series.

In 2011 we hosted the 3rd annual "Twin Bing Classic" and our time trial series expanding it to 4 races.

In 2012 we hosted the 4th annual "Twin Bing Classic" and we sponsored the 1st annual "iGran Fondo."

In 2013 we hosted the 5th annual "Twin Bing Classic" the 2nd annual "iGran Fondo" and the "Frosty Cross" cyclo-cross race.

Sioux City Velo is organized as an Iowa non-profit corporation and an exempt entity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a result, contributions are tax deductible. Our club is also entitled to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts. The club is governed by a five person board. The team is always interested in expanding its roster to include riders with a demonstrated commitment to the sport.

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