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Group Rides

Written by: Admin.

Looking for local area group rides?

Tuesday evenings at 6PM in LeMars, Iowa are 3 group rides leaving from the Bike Central shop (one of our sponsors). There's a family ride, a touring-pace ride and a racer ride. Something for everyone and they feed you afterward.

New Riders Join SC Velo

Written by: Admin.

Sioux City Velo is pleased to announce we've added some new riders to our roster:

Monte Brent has recently returned to our Powerade/IF racing team. He has raced on the road, MTB and cyclocross. Working at Bike Central in LeMars, Monte is a enthusiastic leader in the local cycling community. He's the ring leader of the popular Tuesday Night Ride which continues to grow (50 riders came out last week). The City of LeMars has allowed him to set up a year-round cyclocross course at the northside park where he's promoted Summer Cross in June and Frosty Cross in December the last 2 years. At this time he's trying to organize support for building Mtb trails near Hinton (without seeking tax-payer funding). Whew!

Cyclocross in the Summer? Why not?

Written by: Admin

One of our shop sponsors, Bike Central in LeMars, Iowa is having A and B races June 15th. B.C. is promoting CX for the fall (they had this race last summer and it generated a lot of interest in the area). This event is also the same weekend as the annual Ice Cream Days celebration. The B race is 45 min. @ 1pm. The A race is 60 minutes @ 2:30pm. The course is about 1 mile in length. Same course as last year's Frosty Cross (with some alteration due to flooding). For more info go to

Recent Results

Written by: Admin.

Catching up on some recent race results: At the Iowa City Weekend 4/27-28th, Jon Nelson finished 30th in the Cat 1/2 road race and 19th on Sunday in the criterium.

At Platte River State Park near Louisville, Nebraska, Jon Nelson finished 3rd in the Marathon Open category. Jay Chesterman was 9th in the Cat 1 State Championship cross country race and Kevin Vanderlinden was 15th in the Cat 3 race.

Jon Nelson Joins SCV

Written by: Admin

SC Velo is pleased to announce that Jon "Woody" Nelson has returned to our Powerade/I.F. racing team. He'll be sporting our kit in Iowa City this weekend.

Jon is a previous Iowa State Champion and a respected and popular racer in the tri-state area dating back to his days as a Junior in the early 1980's. He is perhaps equally well known locally as a mechanic and sales person at Albrecht Cycle for well over 25 years. He and wife Jodi and their children live in the Sioux City metro area.

Bumgarner 2nd Consecutive Twin Bing Win

Written by: Admin

Slated as a Cat 1/2 race, Cat 3 riders were allowed to join this group if they wanted to after the officials decided to reduce three fields to two fields. The 27 starters then set off for their 3-lap race.

Twin Bing Combined Field Recap

Written by: Admin

Mostly cloudy skies and a steady wind of 20 mph were the order of the day for the 5th Annual Twin Bing Classic Road Race.

Promoted as seperate races, the Cat 3/Masters 40+ field and the Cat 4/5/Women Open/Juniors field were combined on the judgement of the officials at call up. Although the fields were combined, the scoring and payouts would remain seperate.

2013 Twin Bing Classic Video

Courtesy of Central Plains Cycling. Thanks!

SC Velo Thanks You

Written by: Admin

Team Powerade/Independent Fabrication would like to thank everyone who came out to race with us on Sunday. In addition to racers from the tri-state area plates from Minnesota, Texas and Colorado were spotted. There may have been other states represented I'm not aware of.

TBC Results- Notes

Team affiliations were not provided to me this year. I know who a good many of you ride for but not all. I didn't have time to search out everyone on USAC. So to be fair, I didn't list any teams.

If your name was spelled incorrectly let me know and I'll be happy to correct it. Most DNF riders reported to the officials. Some did not so it was assumed they withdrew. If you were listed as DNF but actually did finish, then you missed being recorded when you crossed the finish line. If you were listed as DNF but finished, let me know and I'll try to slot you in.

TBCRR Results- 4/5/Women/Juniors

'C' Race (44 miles) 48 starters
(4/5, Women, Juniors)

1. Noah Marcus
2. Patrick Davis
3. Eric Tudor
4. Rich Anderson
5. Dean Kusler

TBCRR Results- 3/40+ Masters

'B' Race (44 miles) 20 starters
(Cat 3/Masters 40+)

1. Caleb Vukovich
2. Joe Petersen
3. Bryan Redemske
4. Peter Oien
5. Kelly Wallace

TBCRR Results- 1,2,3

'A' Race (68 miles) 27 starters
(Category 1,2,3)

1. Lee Bumgarner
2. Lucas Marshall
3. Jordon Ross
4. Jon Nelson
5. Chris Spence

Twin Bing Classic Update

Written by: Admin- 4/13/13, 8 PM

The county patched a few minor holes for us and the course has been swept and it's marked. It's all right turns. As a reminder, do not ride past the corner from Old 141 to Bronson and do not ride into Bronson either- turn right at the stop sign and head south. You are responsible for knowing the course. So know the course.

New Club Members

Written by: Admin

SC Velo is pleased to announce the recent additions of Nick Hegarty and Kevin Vanderlinden to our cycling club. Both men live in Sioux City.

Nick, 35, played college football and got into triathlon 3 years ago as a way to regain fitness. He soon found that cycling was his favorite leg of the sport. 2013 will be his first year in road racing and he will continue to race triathon. He is registered for the September Ironman in Wisconsin. Nick is married and has two boys. He is a Loan Officer at Prime Bank.

New Sponsor

Written by: Admin

SC Velo is pleased to announce that Bike Central of LeMars, Iowa is a new sponsor of our club for 2013.

"Bike Central offers new bicycles, apparel, accessories and repairs for every type of cyclist. Whether you ride on the open road, trails, streets, bike paths or somewhere else--we can help you find what is best for your needs and wants. Bike Central stands behind every piece of merchandise we carry."

Twin Bing Classic 2013

News Flash 3/19/13: The race page is updated. A pdf version is there for printing. New & Improved for 2013! Bigger payouts! 3 fields! Same hills. Less wind?


We've finally joined all the other cool kids on Facebook. Search for "Sioux City Velo" and 'Like' us. -Posted 2/8/13

Jeff Kluck 5th at Masters Worlds

Written by: Admin

Jeff Kluck closed out his great cyclocross season by finishing 5th today out of 29 starters in the 30-34 age group division at the Masters Cyclocross World Championships in Kentucky. He missed the podium by only 17 seconds. Kevin McConnell (Mercy-Specialized) from Iowa City finished an outstanding 2nd.

Kluck in Masters Seeding Heat

Today, Jeff Kluck finished 6th place in his seeding heat at the Masters Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY. The finals for his age 30-34 category will be Friday. He will line up in the first row at 9:15 EST for the 45-minute race.

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