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2nd Grasshopper Cross Time Trial May 8th

The next club time trial will be Tuesday May 8th. The first rider will launch at 6:45pm starting a mile west of Jefferson, SD. This open category event is FREE and any rider who would like to punish themselves for 20k is welcome. A waiver must be completed- you may do so at the shop in advance or at the venue.-Posted 5/2/07

Results- 1st Grasshopper Cross 20K TT

Written by: Administrator

Twenty riders lined up April 17th to compete in the first Grasshopper Road 20K TT of the season. This is a semi-regular training series organized by SCV and the race is open to any cyclist who would like to measure their pain threshold in the "race of truth."

Starting just west of the intersection of 480th Avenue and 330th Street (or CR-6), the course heads west for about three miles and curves north until the turnaround point 6.2 miles from the start. The surface is a bit rough and mostly flat with a couple mild undulations after the curve but the road is lightly travelled.

Marty Gruis proved to be the strongest on the day and the only competitor to beat 30 minutes with a time of 29:56.

1. Marty Gruis 29:56

Several SCV's Compete at Finchford

Written by: Administrator

Twelve of the Powerade/IF crew competed at the Finchford, Iowa road race on April 15th. Geoff Nelson earned the best result with his 2nd place finish in the Juniors event and Ed Steck represented with a fine 4th place in his first ever road race in the 60+ category.

The five mile rectangular loop northwest of Cedar Falls presented racers with mostly mild inclines and a couple punchy short ascents out of tricky corners leading to a tough crosswind section before the uphill headwind finish. Sunny skies and temps in the low 60's were appreciated but the wind picked up to around 15mph as the races wore on.

Todd Juhlin looked strong in the Category 4 event but was swallowed up by the field after making his winning bid a bit too early into the headwind finish.

Chesterman Races the Sylvan Island Stampede

Written by: Administrator

Jay Chesterman enjoyed a warm day at the hotly contested Sylvan Island Scramble at Moline, Illinois on April 15th. Although there were separate categories, the aproximately 90 racer field was started en masse. Jay navigated his way through the fray to a register a hard fought 5th place against top racers from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Iowans Brian Eppen and Cam Kirkpatrick snagged the top 2 places respectively.-Posted 4/19/07

Five Sioux City Velo Riders Make Tranquility Tire Trantum Podiums

Written by: Cody McCullough

Saturday, April 7, 2007 marked the beginning of the fat tire season with the first installment of the Nebraska Lottery’s Psycowpath Series at Tranquility Park in Omaha, Nebraska. There was more tantrum than tranquility in Saturday’s race as the highs reached only the low thirties with high winds that singed the racers’ lungs as they pushed through the open grassy sections of the course. The course, which is part of the Omaha park system, also featured tight single track sections with many tightly spaced trees that accounted for several bruised shoulders on Sunday morning. Eight Sioux City Velo riders lined up in several classes with five of the eight making podium appearances as Erik Peterson scored a win for his first race of the season in the Sport Master 35+ class. Saturday’s results are as follows:

Chesterman Races Road! Feiges Emerges from Retirement!

Written by: Administrator

Expert off-roader Jay Chesterman placed 10th in his first road event in several years in the Category 3 road race at soggy Altoona and Bill Feiges competed in his first event in almost twenty years in the Masters 40+ race.

An early break got away in the Cat 3 event but Jay failed to make the group. He chased with five others for a time but they eventually abandoned the chase when it was evident they weren't going to bring the early attackers back. His group poked it for most of the race and even waited for one of them to fix his bike.

They got serious again on the last lap and Jay jumped away on the last hill before the finish. A chaser closed the gap and caught Jay on the flat run-in to the finish beating him to the line for 9th place.

Jay Friday was also in the Cat 3 race and rode to a fine 6th place.

McCullough Currently 2nd in Iowa Cup Standings

Written by: Administrator

After three events, Cody McCullough is currently 2nd overall in the Iowa Cup Series Category 1-2 standings. So far, he has placed 4th at Kent Park, 2nd at the Altoona Road Race and 10th at the State Fairgrounds Criterium. 19 year old phenom Andy Cornelison of Sakkonet Technologies leads the series by 10 points and Sean Walker of Team Atlas trails Cody by 1 point.

The next event in the 14 race series will be the Finchford Road Race in Finchford, Iowa on April 15th. The series culminates with the State Criterium Championship on August 25th in Pella, Iowa.
-Posted 4/5/07

Cody's Recap of the Altoona Race Weekend

Written by: Cody McCullough
Saturday, Altoona Road Race - 2nd Place

For much of the race it pissed rain with intermittent down pours that made it difficult to see the rider in front of you. I am not sure if earth worms are good race energy, but I am pretty sure I ate a few. Fortunately, the hail held off until about 5 minutes after we finished. The new course was excellent and featured three or four nice hills.

To recap the Pro, 1 and 2 race, an All Nineyards and ICCC rider went clear immediately into the race. Since these two riders were from the two largest teams in the race, there was no real chase for the first two laps. Eventually, Bianchi Grand Performance put a few of their riders on the front to set tempo but an 8 minute gap had opened as the pack loafed along for the first two laps. On the third lap, the attacks started but nothing stuck.

Schnee posts first SCV victory of 2007

Written by: Administrator

Not only did Justin Schnee record the first victory of 2007 for SCV, he also won the first race he ever competed in at the Hardcore Roller Race in Iowa City on January 21 by completing the test in 6:07. He next earned 2nd place at the Bike World Roller Race in Ames on February 21st by clocking 5:46. Roller races are 2 mile time trials typically conducted in a 2 up format. The rollers interface with a PC that displays current speed, time, projected time of completion, position and the distance traveled. Racers can watch the display but Justin used a different method, “I used my bike's computer to gauge speed and most of all I depended a lot upon a friend's help to coach me through the race by telling me distances, time left, and when it's finished.” Justin described these races as being quite challenging, “You are competing against another racer’s posted time, so you have nothing to chase but the clock, which I find tough.

New sponsors, new racers

Written by: Administrator

We are pleased to announce the recent addition of three new team sponsors: Maxxis, SockGuy, and uAuctionIt. Be sure to visit their websites via the Sponsors page to find out more about their excellent products and services. We would also like to welcome our new team members for 2007:

Monty Brent (Lemars,Iowa)
Bill Feiges (Sioux City, Iowa)
Tina Friday (Mason City,Iowa)
Aaron Johnson (Sioux City,Iowa)
Andy O'Brien (Mason City,Iowa)
Justin Schnee (Ames/Sioux City,Iowa)
Chris Schwerin (Sioux City,Iowa)
Ed Steck (Sioux City,Iowa)

Our first year was quite successful and with the addition of these new racers the 2007 season should be even better. -Posted 2/5/07

Snowbirds weekend in Texas

Written by: Cody McCullough
Fredricksberg, Texas Training Trip - January 27-28, 2007

Some of the members of Sioux City Velo found themselves in Fredrickberg, Texas the weekend of January 27th and 28th to escape the artic blast that continues to hang over the Midwest. Fredricksberg, which hosts the annual "Hell Week", is a gateway to a tremendous network of winding one lane farm roads in the rolling hills of Texas "Hill Country." Cody McCullough stated "the roads and weather were unbelievable. We road 95 miles on Saturday in 70 degree weather and at least 80 of the miles were on one lane roads with virtually no traffic, except a few cows." Check out the gallery to see a few of the pictures. -Posted 2/5/07


Written by: Administrator

Our team kit will be featured in Voler's 2007 catalog! It will be represented as a women's tri skinsuit. This is great recognition for our team and enhances marketing exposure for all of our great sponsors. You can see it on the Voler website by clicking here: Skinsuit
(Click on the image to enlarge)-Posted 12/7/06

2 Top 10’s for Chesterman @ Jingle Cross Rock

Written by: Administrator

Jay Chesterman displayed fine form at the Jingle Cross Rock weekend cyclo-cross series held November 25th and 26th at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City. He placed 6th on Saturday and 7th on Sunday against 48 and 60 rider Category 3/4 fields in balmy conditions for cyclo-cross (60 degrees).

Jay described both courses as traditional and requiring a lot of dismounting and running. Saturday’s race was rough, “I had trouble at the start and was hyperventilating. I was in the front group but dropped back towards the end.” He could ride the mud sections and didn’t have to dismount but had an unpleasant surprise on the last lap, “I threw up!” He kept his breakfast down and felt better during the next day’s race. “Sunday I felt good at the start and was breathing well and with the first group for the first half but I blew up on the big run up and lost a bunch of places.”

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