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Chesterman + Walter = Boatload O' Photos

Written by: Administrator

Jay Chesterman was 9th both days of the Riverside CX Festival in Kansas City November 3-4 and Marc Walter was 11th when he competed on Day 2.

They proved to be quite photogenic too over the weekend as they were both captured in two different photographer galleries. Mark Breeding (Riverside) and Roger Harrison (Riverside and Capital races) have graciously allowed their photos to be posted in Jay and Marc's galleries which are now brimming with new images. Enjoy.
-Posted 11/7/07

Walter Previews US Nationals CX Course

Written by: Administrator

Marc Walter cyclo-crossed in Kansas last weekend at the Capitol Cup on 10/27 in Topeka and the Boulevard Cup on 10/28 in Kansas City, KS. In the 1,2,3's he finished 14th and 17th respectively.

Of particular interest is the Boulevard course which will be the same one used for the US National CX Championships December 13-16. The following is Marc's scouting report of the nearly two-mile-long course in Wyandoutte County Park in case you plan to compete:

"The course flows very nicely with an uphill start on pavement. At the top of the hill you enter a grassy area that winds back down and around a small pond then back uphill to a flatter section. Here you begin to enter the technical part of the course with switch backs, barriers and an off-camber section. After this area of the course you proceed to where the stair run-up begins. It wasn't constructed at the time but they had barriers during this race. After this section you'll enter where you started, on the pavement, and begin the next lap."

SC Velo Roster Expands for 2008

Written by: Administrator

SC Velo has expanded to 26 riders with the recent addition of 10 new members. Most are new to cycling and three are old hands:

Marc Walter is a Category 2 roadie from Lincoln, Nebraska. He also races cyclo-cross and is currently training for CX Nationals in Kansas City, KS in December. He is a USA Cycling licensed coach and is a new sponsor of our team. You may visit his Rightway Performance website from the Sponsors page. Mark is offering discounted rates for team members. If you want to take your racing to a new level, he can help you get there.

Chesterman 3rd at Iowa State CX

Written by: Administrator

Jay Chesterman finished 3rd in the Cat 3 race at the Iowa State Cyclo-Cross Championship on October 28th in Newton, Iowa.

The Maytag Park course featured three barrier sections and two gnarly high speed off-camber corners that made for lap times around five minutes in Jay's estimation.

The race was fast and aggressive from the start with the selection being made on the first hill of the first lap in the mixed 1,2,3 race. Cat 1 Brian Eppen of ICCC separated himself from the group for good on the 3rd lap.

"Our group of four was staying pretty tight. Andy Lueck (Rasmussen) was the only other Cat 3 with us," recounted Jay. "I dropped my chain on the 5th or 6th lap and fell back as those guys were flying. I rode with Kyle Sedore (ICCC) and Brian Moritz (DICE) for 5 or 6 laps and then I dropped the chain again. They took off but I chased back, caught Kyle and gapped him but couldn't catch Brian." Overall, Jay was satisfied with the race. "I felt great and could have done better without the mishaps but that's racing."

Some Of Us Can Run Too

Written by: Administrator

I thought this was worthy of posting since most of us wouldn't run on purpose without being chased by Cujo.

In a demonstration of his athletic abilities, Andy O'Brien competed in the 9th annual "On The Road For Education" 1/2 marathon in Mason City, Iowa on October 14th.

With only 8 weeks of training in his legs, Andy placed 6th among all 25 men. He completed the 13.1 mile course in 1:36:08. I guess this means Andy is capable of running a 3:12 marathon!
-Posted 10/26/07

Walter Podiums at NE CX #1 and #2

Written by: Administrator

Marc Walter was the best-placed SCV'r earning two 3rd place finishes in the Masters field of the Nebraska CX Series #1 and #2 at Swanson Park in Bellevue, NE on October 20-21st.

Brent Linn, Cody McCullough, John Nelson, Ken Peterson and Ed Steck also competed on the first weekend of the four-race series scoring top 10 placings.

"Saturday was definitely not typical cross weather. With temps near 80, it made the race a bit more challenging. The course was very tight and twisty with two sandpit entries and some off-camber track. The ground was soft from all the wet weather which added an extra feel of power to the race. Sunday's course was the reverse of Saturday with a climb that included loose gravel making the climb seem longer."

Swanson CX Photos Posted

Written by: Administrator

Several photos from the Nebraska CX Series #1 and #2 on 10/20-21 have now been posted in the Gallery thanks to the excellent camera work of Ken Peterson. Results will be posted when they are available. -Posted 10/23/07

Mud Eaters Rejoice!

Written by: Adminstrator

Cyclocross has long been a popular sport among Euro fans. What better way to spend a fall day than to stand in mud while drinking dark beer, eating frites, clanging cow bells and cheering on your favorite racer up close and personal?

This cycling version of the steeplechase has become quite popular in the US among roadies and mountain bikers in recent years as many are looking for a way to keep racing into the fall and early winter.

If you'd like to give this sport a try, there will be several opportunities within moderate driving distance in Iowa and Nebraska in the coming weeks.

Racers Wanted

Sioux City Velo, to be known as SC Velo in 2008, is interested in expanding its roster for the 2008 season. In particular, we are seeking both road and mountain riders with a demonstrated commitment to racing. The benefits available to riders are dependent upon their race category.

If you are interested in joining our racing team, please direct inquiries and race resumes to Cody McCullough at no later than October 1, 2007.

-Posted 9/7/07

Bill's Race Report- Dakota 50

Written by: Bill Feiges

After hearing Jay’s glowing reports on the course and reading about the great riding in a recent issue of Bike magazine, I opted a visit to Spearfish. It is an easy 6 hr drive door to door and there are great camping opportunities in the area.

These are some of the most amazing trails you could ask for. The initial 5 miles is all uphill and hard to get going on but it leads to 45 miles of mostly single-track riding on perfect trails. Hearing reports of route finding issues and not even having a map or a route guide, I was a little nervous about it but the course turned out to be very well marked and I had no trouble following the program.