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Jay's Race Report- Dakota 50

Written by: Jay Chesterman

It was a great race as usual and the nearly 50 miles of mostly single and double track was in great shape. Over 250 people toed the line this year. Some were there to race, some were just riding to finish and have a great time.

The 7:30 start was early, way too early for my legs but I appreciated it later as the weather was unseasonably hot. Last year the temp at the start was 38 degrees and did not get over 65. The year before it was 45 and raining. This year it was 75 at the start and it was in the 90's by the time I finished. By the time the awards ceremony started, it was 102 and there were 35 people still out on the course.

2007 Psycowpath Final Standings

Written by: Administrator

The 2007 Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath Series has concluded for the season so it's time to review how well the Powerade/IF MTB specialists represented Sioux City in the final standings.

Jay Chesterman finished 3rd with 342 points in a series-long battle with Superkid Aaron Grady of Bike Masters (2nd-357 points) and Manmachine Cam Kirkpatrick of Rasmussen Bike shop (1st-388 points). The next closet competitor finished 101 points behind Jay so these three were the cream of the Expert Open crop.

Erik Peterson was 5th overall with 200 points in the Sport Men 35+ category won by Bob Brindamar of Bike Masters with 316 points.

Results- Grasshopper Crossing Time Trial

Written by: Administrator

After two postponements due to poor weather, yet another stormy day cleared up just in time for the start of the Grasshopper Crossing 20k Time Trial on August 28th.

This was the first official USAC road event that has been hosted by our SCV club and a step toward bigger and better things to come in our club's future.

The heavy rain in Sioux City and the evening thunderstorm that blew through town likely discouraged many of the previous participants in the semi-regular club time trial series from competing.

Team Powerade/IF racer Jon Nelson took the first step on the podium as he recorded the fastest time of the pain test in 27:53 or 26.75mph.

Nebraska State MTB XC Championship

Written by: Administrator

Four SCV's competed in the Nebraska State MTB XC Championship at the Swanson course on August 25th.

Race promotor John Lefler Jr. changed things up by running this familiar route in the opposite direction for this race. The change in direction didn't matter much to Iowa strongman (cyborg?) Cam Kirkpatrick of Rassmussen Bike Shop as he powered to an almost 2 minute victory margin in the Expert Open event over Kent McNeil of MCC.

Jay Chesterman finished 5th on the day in a close battle for 3rd place that eventually went to Matt Gersib of Salsa/Monkey Wrench Cycles. Monte Brent toughed it out to finish 7th.

Iowa State Crit Results

Written by: Administrator

Three SCV racers made the trip to Pella on August 25th to take part in the Iowa State Criterium Chamionship. The light wind and dry 80 degree sunny day was a nice break from the recent humidity that has made Iowa feel like a rainforest for much of August.

For those of you not aquainted with this course, it is a four left turn, rectanglish, .6 mile loop in a residential neighborhood. The course is flat through turn 2, then the backstretch gradually declines all the way to turn 3 where racers punch it up a one block big ring power hill until turn 4 and then a quick descent into the flat finish straight.

Chesterman, Peterson Contend For Psycowpath Overall

Written by: Administrator

After four of six races in the 2007 Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath Series it's getting tight at the top of the standings.

Cam Kirkpatrick of RBS still leads the Experts with 231 points followed by our own Jay Chesterman and wunderkid Aaron Grady of Bike Masters both with 227 points.

Bob Brindamour of Bike Masters leads the Sport Masters 35+ classification with 204 points with Erik Peterson of SCV challenging in 2nd with 200 points.

It will take a late series surge for our Molly Mize in 3rd with 127 points to overtake Debbie Carstensen who has a strong lead in Sport Women Open classification with 154 points.

The next series race will be in Norfolk on August 11th. -Posted 7/18/07

Steck Is A Stud

Ed Steck won each of the three Citizen 60-65 category events he competed in at the Iowa Games July 13-15: Time trial, Peterson Park MTB and the Boone Road Race. Way to go Ed! -Posted 7/17/07

More Ponca Photos Are Up

Courtesy of photographer Tom Winfield, there are now over one hundred photos posted in a new Ponca gallery. There are also a few photos from Manawa in individual galleries also courtesy of Mr. Winfield. Thanks Tom! -Posted 7/17/07

Jay Friday's Recap of the BBBQ Road Race

Written by: Jason Friday

Sunny with a strong southwest wind in July in Iowa equals hot. I packed three tall water bottles: one with water and two with Powerade. I picked up three other bottles from the neutral feed zones. I still started cramping with three miles to go. Hell would have been cooler.

The race started nice and steady until the first tail wind section when the All9Yards boys ramped up the pace to just over 60 kph. The first break happened about 50K into the race. Ben Albracht of Webcore and Matt Mettler of MCT braved the cross/head wind and managed to put about a minute on the field. Mettler eventually faded back and left Ben to go it alone.

Once the group headed north and after 70K the decisive break was established by Josh Madsen of Team 14 Productions. Scott Fairbairn of All9Yards, Alec Kloss of Flanders and myself made the jump. We caught Albracht and he was able to hang on for a few pulls, but the previous effort left him drained and was dropped. Josh and Scott were by far the strongest in the break and I couldn’t match the accelerations of Madsen and eventually dropped off.

10 SCV's at BBBQ Road Race

Written by: Administrator

Ten Powerade/IF racers made the trip to Clear Lake, Iowa on Sunday, July 8th to compete in the Bicycle, Blues and BBQ road race presented by North Iowa Spin.

Racers started from the legendary Surf Ballroom with a 5 mile neutral rollout to the southern edge of town before embarking on their routes. The Pro,1,2 and Cat 3 racers faced a 71 mile journey while the lower classes completed a 42 mile trip. The tarmac was good and featured mild rollers but it was the combination of the heat and wind that tested a total of 131 athletes. Wind turbines are placed near Clear Lake for a reason and the lake area was blown by gusts over 20 mph on a day that would warm up to the high 80’s by the finish line under sunny skies.

Bob Greigg and Jay Friday were the highest placed team members on the day with Bob 4th in the 40+ race and Jay 6th in Category 3.