Snowbirds weekend in Texas

Written by: Cody McCullough
Fredricksberg, Texas Training Trip - January 27-28, 2007

Some of the members of Sioux City Velo found themselves in Fredrickberg, Texas the weekend of January 27th and 28th to escape the artic blast that continues to hang over the Midwest. Fredricksberg, which hosts the annual "Hell Week", is a gateway to a tremendous network of winding one lane farm roads in the rolling hills of Texas "Hill Country." Cody McCullough stated "the roads and weather were unbelievable. We road 95 miles on Saturday in 70 degree weather and at least 80 of the miles were on one lane roads with virtually no traffic, except a few cows." Check out the gallery to see a few of the pictures. -Posted 2/5/07


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Our team kit will be featured in Voler's 2007 catalog! It will be represented as a women's tri skinsuit. This is great recognition for our team and enhances marketing exposure for all of our great sponsors. You can see it on the Voler website by clicking here: Skinsuit
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2 Top 10’s for Chesterman @ Jingle Cross Rock

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Jay Chesterman displayed fine form at the Jingle Cross Rock weekend cyclo-cross series held November 25th and 26th at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City. He placed 6th on Saturday and 7th on Sunday against 48 and 60 rider Category 3/4 fields in balmy conditions for cyclo-cross (60 degrees).

Jay described both courses as traditional and requiring a lot of dismounting and running. Saturday’s race was rough, “I had trouble at the start and was hyperventilating. I was in the front group but dropped back towards the end.” He could ride the mud sections and didn’t have to dismount but had an unpleasant surprise on the last lap, “I threw up!” He kept his breakfast down and felt better during the next day’s race. “Sunday I felt good at the start and was breathing well and with the first group for the first half but I blew up on the big run up and lost a bunch of places.”